CompariSure Pulse

CompariSure technology enables in-depth conversations with the larger population to obtain real-time data on critical issues. 

Effortlessly deploy targeted CompariSure Pulse surveys to drive lower cost results at scale. Surveys can be rolled out within 1 week and quantitative & qualitative data gathered are presented in raw data format as well as a summarized version – highlighting key take-away points derived from data.

CompariSure is a leading South African FinTech company that uses its proprietary Chatbot technology to bridge the financial and digital exclusion divide by leveraging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

We are nearing the 3 million mark of South Africans chatting via the CompariSure platform.

CompariSure distributes products and services to South Africans from all walks of life. 

Organisations are rapidly leveraging AI to dramatically change the way they interact with customers.

CompariSure powers AI-powered conversational chat delivered through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp where users opt-in to complete surveys, buy, contact or compare insurance products, complete quizzes, educate, log HR activities, and many more.

This allows for individual connections to a limitless number of users at scale.

CompariSure’s conversational technology can sit on top of Facebook’s ability to target demographic data including age, gender, education level, income, parents, marital status, debt level, race, location, health status and more.

Due to the fluidity and ease of use, the chat conversation can be used to derive more psychographic segmentation including values, beliefs, interests, personality types, lifestyle and more.

Through various chat and multiple touchpoints, the chat can also deliver behavioural data such as purchasing or spending habits, user status, brand interactions and more.

User demographic results are simplified and presented through CompariSure’s big data console. This allows a clear view of demographic and targeting data.

Survey results are reported through raw data in CSV format inclusive of a summarized version per question asked.

case studies

A survey was commissioned and launched via Facebook to determine the skin confidence level of South Africans.

A simple survey conversation was rolled out to the general public to attain the level of GBV [gender based violence] awareness. 

Giving a voice to the people of SA during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


A survey was commissioned and launched via Facebook to determine female investment behaviour in SA.

We delivered invaluable information on maintaining a healthy pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mommy-savvy money quiz was launched to assess the financial circumstance in the average SA household. 

Jungle commissioned a survey to collect data on South African’s view on heart health.